Blog -What’s Behind Running A Bespoke Cake Business.

Blog -What’s Behind Running A Bespoke Cake Business.

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What’s behind running a bespoke cake business??

I love creating cakes, it’s what I call my happy place.

However, there is so much more to running a cake business. You may be surprised to know what it actually takes behind the scenes to get to the point that I’m actually making & decorating a cake.

-Following up leads

  • Spending time talking to potential customers
  • Researching themes for cakes
  • Pricing up decorations & toppers or making them ourselves.
  • Creating designs
  • Running a website & paying for it!
  • Training & keeping skills updated
  • Creating content for social & posting.
  • Lots of 📞 calls
  • Emails
  • Managing the finances & reviewing costs
  • Liaising with other businesses

So you see, it’s so much more than just baking a cake or cakes.

Decorating a cake can take hours, depending on the design. A lot of us make fondant models & flowers and other toppers for our cakes. These take a great deal of skill and time.

We can watch someone doing it and think, wow that looks easy!!

Until we try it ourselves. It’s not easy and takes a lot of practice.

So when we quote for a birthday cake or wedding cake for example and a potential customer says “oh I didn’t think it would cost that much, it’s only a cake after all”

I hope you can see it’s not just a cake. A lot of time, effort, money & skill has been spent by us to learn our craft and become professionals in our field. Running a business is not cheap.

Bespoke cakes aren’t cheap. We make our cakes from scratch, for each customer’s preference.

We are not a production line, every cake is different.